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For 540 SAR per month

complete monthly financial reports.

cost effective

real & highly qualified accountants

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The easiest and cheapest way to manage your books

gather all your documents daily, weekly, or monthly: receipts, sales, purchases, and invoices…. in one place

login to your account and Simply upload your documents using your phone cam, internal memory,

we calculate and prepare your reports, each month you will find your business key financial reports ready in your account:

  • Your own bookkeeper, and accounting system to track your finances.
  • Secure online tax filing.

$140 Monthly

540 SAR – 540 AED – 44 KUW – 55 BHD


Serving All Types of Industries

The looxlo team are always friendly and willing to help solve or attend to any queries or concerns we have and being an old company, we have a lot! :),

Can't rate highly enough. we’ve had no enough staff for accounting before so have found the support we get from looxlo invaluable,

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which was borne of the desire to provide efficient accounting and bookkeeping services to small businesses, without the high bills that are often associated with it.. Looxlo is a privately held company that handles accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, tax, and related small business needs. we know the specific needs that arise for small to medium-sized businesses, and we are able to address them with the utmost detail and professionalism.

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