How to succeed in affiliate marketing

What can you earn?
You can earn tens of thousands per month. Take a minute to read this guide to learn what you can achieve!

Find out what service you're promoting
Do not promote a service about which you have no idea. Spend some time getting to know our online accounting service, the advantages, and the service prices.

Marketing and your potential customers
A potential customer is anyone who needs a professional accounting service, without having to hire a full- or part-time accountant, owners of small to medium business, e-commerce businesses, service business, cafes, car services, laundries, law firms, beauty salons, retail businesses, and food trucks to name a few.
Your marketing tools may include oral marketing, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, SMS, e-mail marketing, celebrities and influencers, as well as PPC ads driven by search engines.

Be persistent
Do not let your mistakes frustrate you or obstruct your path to success, learning from mistakes is what makes you successful. This is the most important stage: your success will be linked to your passion and love for what you do.

Build your team
You can switch from one-person operations to creating your own team, which will give you free time to enjoy life and achieve massive results.
You can have 3–4 people working on a campaign, bringing in more ideas and improvements that can lead to better results.

Target countries
You can market any of our services in the following countries: Saudi Arabia, Emirates, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, and Bahrain.

You will get 25% of the value of any successful sale for new customers. Your average profit in one sale will be 28 US dollar, 100 Saudi riyals, or equal. Your payments will be transferred monthly to your account. You can set your goal to achieve 100 customers per month.

It is not possible to use your marketing links for a personal subscription, nor can you use pop-ups and redirect campaigns, misleading messages. Violating these regulations will lead to the ban of your account.
All marketing activities must be conducted in accordance with the Looxlo Terms and Conditions

Create an account and start marketing
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