Why do I need bookkeeping for my business?

Good bookkeeping gives you a full view of your business' health, and it saves you time and money throughout the year and at tax time. Accurate bookkeeping provides a crystal-clear picture of where your money is coming from and going to.

What kind of business is looxlo best suited for?

looxlo supports small businesses in all industries.

How it works?

1-    gather all your documents daily, weekly, or monthly: receipts, sales, purchases, and invoices…. in one place
2-    login to your account and Simply upl‬oad your documents using your phone cam, internal memory,
3-    we calculate and prepare your reports, each month you will find your business key financial reports ready in your account:

What documents do I send for the bookkeeping service?

You will want to send us your receipts, invoices, monthly bank statements, and any other documents related to your business expenses and income. You do not need all your receipts if you bank or credit card statements list the transactions.

What will my looxlo accountant do?

Your looxlo accountant will handle all your bookkeeping tasks like reconciles your accounts, categorizes transactions, and produces financial statements.
•    income statement )profit and loss account (
•    Balance Sheet
•    Cash Flow statement 
•    Tax preparation

How do I know who I’ll be working with? Will I work with the same people every month?

You'll have a dedicated accountant, as well as a professional accounting team to provide support for more complex issues.
Your looxlo team is always standing by to answer any questions you might have! And you'll have consistent support from the same team month-to-month.

What if I’m behind on my books? Can you get me caught up?

Your looxlo team will work tirelessly to get your books in order, regardless of their current state.

100%. You can add any amount of documents, No matter how far behind you are, we can get you caught up quickly

Is support included? How do I ask questions?

Yes! Support is included. Your questions are typically answered within minutes of submission

Is my financial data safe with looxlo?

You bet! We protect your data with 256-bit encryption within the looxlo hub; that’s the same level of encryption you’ll find with online banking and shopping. All employees attend annual information security training.

Can I cancel at any time?

Of course. looxlo is a month-to-month engagement, so if you decide to leave, we’ll make sure it’s easy to get your financials.